Final Unit Reflection

Watershed Activism Through Art

Upon final review of this unit I feel strongly that exposing students to these themes and artists and giving them opportunity to discuss was good for them. Students are given the opportunity to connect with themes of environmental and community issue activism that were close to them. They really enjoyed the print making process. In a perfect world I would leave two days for printing, one for exploration of the process and other for more thought out designs. Of course limited time and resources played a factor here.

Overall this unit would serve better as 5 days instead of 4 days to give ample time for student discussion and reflection as well as practice with materials. In the future I would implement this unit with a slightly older age group. This group had some issues understanding the concept of transforming numbers into something visual and symbolic. In retrospect I would have brought the break down of the process a day or so sooner, possibly on the design day. Also emphasizing finding a fact with NUMBERS from the beginning would help with the process later. There are other activities that could be worked in at a high age level like working on creating infographics with photographs everyday objects and a photo editing software such as Pixlr or Photoshop, like Jose Duarte. This could grant a deeper connection the idea of creating a visual experience from numbers.

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