Presentation & Reflection


Students will put the finishing touches on their activist art pieces and present their project to the class. Students will record their reflections of the implementation process. On this day students will also decide on where within their school they will display their work.

Hook & Instructional Input

The class will begin with the instructor walking students through the finishing making of the piece. Instructor will pick out a fact. Relating t the watershed and lead a group brainstorm ideas for the collage pieces. Once a number of ideas are selected students will continue working on their own pieces.

i.e. “Stormwater run-off through cities is the fastest growing source of pollution in our watershed.”

What does this fact look like? What would this picture look like?

Ideas: rain droplets, city buildings, cars

After the brainstorm students will get into their pairs and for 5-7 mins discuss: what does my fact look like?

Guided Practice

(If time allows) once students are finishing up instructor will lead a demo of simple folded frames students can add to their pieces.

Independent practice

- Students will be finishing up our art pieces using collaged pieces to illustrate their facts about the watershed. Then the students will decide where within the school they will hang their art pieces.


In the hallway students will talk about their hung pieces and reflect on the art-making process and what their art works means to them.

Final Work Gallery

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