VCU courses taught by Dr. Supathorn Phongikaroon
EGMN 301 - Fluid Mechanics (Spring 2019, Spring 2018)

Basic and applied fluid mechanics; fluid properties; application of Bernoulli and Navier-Stokes equations; macroscopic mass, momentum and energy balances; dimensional analysis; laminar and turbulent flow; boundary layer theory; friction factors in pipes and packed beds; drag coefficients; compressible flow; flow measurements; numerical simulation; applications to the operation and design of turbo machinery.

EGMN 352 - Nuclear Reactor Theory (Spring 2017, Spring 2015)

This course introduces the fundamental properties of the neutron, the reactions induced by neutrons, nuclear fission, the slowing down of neutrons in infinite and finite media, diffusion theory, the 1-group or 2-group approximation, point kinetics, and fission-product effects. Provides students with the nuclear reactor theory foundation necessary for reactor design and reactor engineering problems.

EGMN 453 - Economics of Nuclear Power Production (Fall 2015, Fall 2014)

Fundamentals of engineering economic analysis are applied to energy supply, demand, prices and production with specific emphasis on nuclear energy, the capital cost of nuclear power plants, the nuclear fuel cycle and associated energy technologies.

EGMN 456 - Nuclear Design & System (Fall 2019)

Engineering principles of nuclear reactors, emphasizing power reactors. Specific topics include power plant thermodynamics, reactor heat generation and removal (single-phase as well as two-phase coolant flow and heat transfer), and structural mechanics. The course also covers engineering considerations in reactor design.

EGMN 591 - Nuclear Safeguards, Security, and Nonproliferation (Spring 2016)

This course will explore the political and technological issues involved with nuclear safeguards, security, and nonproliferation. Topics studied will include the history of nuclear weapons development, description and effects of weapons of mass destruction, nuclear material safeguards, protection of nuclear materials, proliferation resistance and pathways in the nuclear fuel cycle, international and domestic safeguards, nuclear terrorism, and safeguards measurement techniques for material accountancy programs and physical protection mechanisms.

EGMN 610 - Topics in Nuclear Engineering (Fall 2016)

This course is intended to provide the introductory first-year graduate students with comprehensive overview of nuclear energy, nuclear engineering and its many facets; topics, themes and issues may include the following: atomic and fission physics, radiation and radioactive decay, nuclear reactor physics, nuclear reactor kinetics and control, reactor energy removal, nuclear fuel cycle, reactors systems (reactor types, similarities and differences, nuclear plant components, conventional and advanced next generation nuclear reactors, and etc.), reactor materials, radiation exposure and shielding, reactor accidents, safety and analyses.

EGMN 664 - Advanced Fluid Mechanics (Spring 2019)

Covers the principles necessary to analyze viscous flow. Students learn how to formulate solutions to general viscous flow problems.

EGMN 690 - Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering Seminar (Fall 2014, Spring/Fall 2015, Spring/Fall 2016)

The topic and speaker will change each week in order to cover a broad range of subjects at the forefront of mechanical engineering research. The objective is to expose students to research topics and scholars in the field of mechanical engineering.

EGMN 691 - Fast Reactors (Spring 2017)

This course is designed to give the graduate students an overview on the Fast Breeder Reactor (FBR) technology focusing on the following topics: (1) breeding and the role of fast breeder reactors – basic physics, strategy analysis and uranium resources; (2) FBR design consideration – brief aspect in to the mechanical and thermal systems including core materials; (3) economic analysis of nuclear reactors; (4) nuclear design through multi-group diffusion theory; (5) reactor kinetics; and (6) fuel burnup.

Courses from Previous Institution

ChE 223 - Material and Energy Balances (Affiliated Faculty, Fall 2005)

ChE 515 - Transport Phenomena (Fall 2013)

ChE 541 - Chemical Engineering Analysis I (Fall 2008, Fall, 2010, Fall 2012)

ENVS 404/504 - Energy, Sustainability and Molten Salt (Co-taught Fall 2009)

NE 450 - Principals of Nuclear Engineering (Fall/Spring 2011, Fall 2012, Fall/Spring 2013)

NE 504 - Ion Exchange - Fundamentals to Applications (Spring 2009)

NE 504 - Nuclear Waste Immobilization (Co-taught, Spring 2010-2011)

NE 504 - Modern Salt Technology - Fundamentals to Applications for Scientists & Engineers (Spring 2011)

NE 504 - Applied Mathematics for Engineers (Spring 2012)

NE 570 - Nuclear Chemical Engineering (Fall 2009, Fall 2011, Spring 2013)

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