Sheng-Chieh Chen received Environmental Engineering Ph.D. degree from the Institute of Environmental Engineering, National Chiao Tung University in 2006. During his study for PhD, he focused on various research topics including the sampling and analysis of nanoparticles in urban area, nanopowder manufacturing workplaces and many other ambient environments; 3-D numerical simulations of flow field and gas pollutant dispersion in a real cleanroom and particle transport in a critical orifice and axial flow cyclone; design and calibration of aerosol sampling and control device, e.g. axial nanoparticle cyclones, cascade impactors and the real-time aerosol instruments. He is now interested in the topics of airborne and liquid-borne nanoparticle control and environmental sustainability-related research

Dr. Shawn (Sheng-Chieh) Chen, Assistant Professor


Jie Zhang focuses on characterization of particle emissions from composite filaments during 3D printing and study of optimal control methods by artificial neural network.

Jie Zhang, Ph.D. Student

Yu Zhang focuses on metal-organic frameworks (MOFs, a sort of highly porous nanomaterial) coated electret filter media, to simultaneously remove PM2.5 and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the indoor air.

Yu Zhang, Ph.D. Student

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