Me@COC, Toronto

Nicola Tarasca



Virginia Commonwealth University

Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

1015 Floyd Avenue
Box 842014
Richmond, VA 23284-2014, USA


Harris Hall 4173


I am an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), USA

  ◊ I am a member of the Geometry Group at VCU

My research interests are centered around the following themes:

  ◊ the geometry of algebraic curves, abelian varieties, and their moduli spaces

  ◊ quantum invariants of knots and 3-manifolds

  ◊ geometric realizations of vertex algebras

  ◊ modern Schubert calculus

My research is currently supported by the NSF grant DMS-2404896 and a Travel Support for Mathematicians gift from the Simons Foundation

I obtained my PhD at the Humboldt University in Berlin and the Berlin Mathematical School, Germany, in 2012. Before arriving at VCU, I was at Rutgers University, USA; the University of Georgia, USA; the Fields Institute, Canada; the University of Utah, USA; and the Leibniz University in Hannover, Germany

You can find information about my work on this website. For any further curiosities, do not hesitate to email me


I coorganize the following seminar series (most talks are now live-streamed online):

  ◊ The Geometry Seminar at VCU

  ◊ The Student Geometry Seminar at VCU

  ◊ The Colloquium Series of the Math Department at VCU


I coorganize the following events:

  ◊ The Richmond Geometry Meeting

     An annual event since 2021, supported by NSF-DMS 2240741 in 2023 and by NSF-DMS 2349810 in 2024

  ◊ The Mid-Atlantic Algebra, Geometry, and Combinatorics (MAAGC)

     The 2024 edition of the MAAGC workshop will be supported by NSF DMS-2408985

  ◊ The Geometry Summer Camp

     A math camp and mathematics education research study designed for local middle school students

Lectures (videos/notes)

  ◊ Coinvariants of metaplectic representations and abelian varieties: video, notes

     AG@PUI virtual seminar, December 2023

  ◊ Incidence varieties of algebraic curves and canonical divisors: notes

     Humboldt Algebraic Geometry Seminar, June 2022

  ◊ Geometry of VOAs on moduli of curves: video, notes

     Seminario Nacional de Geometría Algebraica en Línea – Mexico, May 2022

  ◊ Geometric loci in moduli spaces of curves: video

     UNAM in Mexico City, Sep. 2018

Recent talks

  ◊ March 7, 2024: Algebra, Geometry, and Number Theory Seminar (AGeNTS), Tufts University — USA

  ◊ February 22, 2024: Geometry Seminar, UT Austin — USA

  ◊ July 20, 2023: Algebraic Geometry in L’Aquila – Italy

  ◊ May 10, 2023: Humboldt Algebraic Geometry Seminar, Humboldt University in Berlin – Germany

  ◊ April 12, 2023: Algebraic Geometry seminar, Stony Brook University – USA

  ◊ March 30, 2023: Geometry and Physics seminar, Boston University – USA

  ◊ March 24, 2023: Geometry Seminar at Virginia Commonwealth University – USA

  ◊ June 29, 2022: Algebraic and Arithmetic Geometry seminar, University of Pisa – Italy

  ◊ June 23, 2022: Seminar of Geometry, University of Roma Tre – Italy

  ◊ June 8, 2022: Humboldt Algebraic Geometry Seminar, Humboldt University in Berlin – Germany

  ◊ May 25, 2022: Seminario Nacional de Geometría Algebraica en Línea – Mexico

  ◊ Dec 7, 2021: Enumerative Geometry Seminar at University of California San Diego – USA

  ◊ Dec 3, 2021: Geometry Seminar at VCU – USA

  ◊ Apr 22, 2021: Moonshine Seminar at IAS, Princeton, NJ – USA

  ◊ Nov 25, 2020: Humboldt Algebraic Geometry Seminar, Humboldt University in Berlin – Germany

  ◊ Nov 13, 2020: Algebra Seminar, Virginia Tech – USA

  ◊ Oct 28, 2020: Algebra and Number Theory Seminar, University of Maryland – USA

  ◊ Oct 23, 2020: Algebraic Geometry and Moduli virtual seminar at ETH Zürich – Switzerland

  ◊ Mar 5-7, 2020: Moduli on Chestnut Hill at Boston College – USA