[Updated: 09/01/2022]

Sep 2022:        New NIH/NIDCR R21 funded! We will develop a pragmatic risk index for dynamic tooth survival prediction under extreme censoring patterns for elderly, with/without
                         co-morbidities, such as Type-2 diabetes. Serving as the Principal Investigator. Collaboration includes Texas A&M Univ., and the Univ. of Kentucky College of Dentistry

Sep 2022:        
New NIH/NIDCR R01 funded! We will focus on developing population science approaches to addressing sex/gender differences among subjects with periodontal disease,
                         with/without co-morbidities. Serving as the NIH Contact Principal Investigator. Collaboration includes Texas A&M Univ. (Co-PI: Dr. Debdeep Pati), NC State Univ., New
                         York Univ., HealthPartners Institute and Kaiser Permanente. 

Nov 2021:        Appointed member of the editorial panel (Associate Editor) for Journal of the Royal Statistical Society - Series C (Applied Statistics), for a 4-year term, starting Jan 2022

Oct 2021:        
Recipient of the (inaugural) Dayanand Naik award from the Virginia Chapter of the American Statistical Association (ASA); VCU blurb
Established in 2021 in memory of the life and contributions of Prof. Dayanand Naik from the Old Dominion University, the award recognizes an individual (who works, or
                         resides in Virginia, during the time of  the award)  for outstanding research contributions and service to the Commonwealth of Virginia in statistics and related fields.

Oct 2021:         
NIH/NCI P20 SPORE (Specialized Programs Of Research Excellence) SUCCEED (VSU and Massey Cancer Center PartneErship for CancEr Disparities Research and Training)
                         funded. Serving as Co-I/Project Biostatistician

Sep 2021:         Invited to join the Scientific Advisory Board of  JDR-Clinical and Translation Research -- the translation journal of the IADR

Sep 2021:        
NIH/NCI P20 SPORE (Specialized Programs Of Research Excellence) TRACER (Translation Research Center in Lung Cancer Disparities) funded.
                         Serving as the PI/leader, Biostatistics and Informatics Core (Core D). More on TRACER appears here

Apr 2021:         Recipient of the ASA's 2021 Outstanding Statistical Application award
                         Established in 1986, the award recognizes authors of papers that demonstrate an outstanding application of statistics in any substantive field.
                         Award Paper: Guan Q, Reich BJ, Laber E and Bandyopadhyay D. (2020). Bayesian nonparametric policy search with applications to periodontal recall intervals, Journal of the
                        American Statistical Association - Applications & Case Studies
, 105(531), 1066-1078
Apr 2021:         Appointed Associate Editor for Biometrics

Dec 2020:       
 Appointed Associate Editor for Bayesian Analysis

Jun 2020:          
Elected Member, International Statistical Institute
Massey news

Mar 2020:
        Recipient of the Cox Award from the Washington Statistical Society/RTI; Amstat News; RTI
                           The Cox award annually recognizes a statistician in early to mid-career (< 15 years after terminal degree), who has made significant contributions to one or more areas
                           of applied
statistics in which Dr. Gertrude M. Cox worked in, which are survey methods, experimental design, biostatistics, and statistical computing. 
                           A summary of Dr. Cox's illustrious career appears here

Feb 2020:          SSOR/Biostatistics Distinguished Lecture series launched; inaugural speaker was Prof. Daniel Heitjan from Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX; VCU coverage here

Jan 2020:          Paper on introducing SMART trials in Oral Health (non-surgical periodontal disease) selected as a high-impact funding among recent NIH/NIDCR funded research from the
                          NIDCR's  Center for Clinical Research, and included in the Director's Report to the National Advisory Dental and Craniofacial Research Council

May 2019:         Co-leader of the newly-launced Oral Health Disparities Workgroup, VCU Massey's Health Equity and Disparity program

Apr 2019:          Collaboration on cancer therapeutics at VCU

Dec 2018
:          Associate Editor position for JASA-A&CS renewed for another 3 years

Sep 2018:
         Appointed Associate Editor for Statistics in Medicine

May 2018:         PI'd NIH Grant (R03DE023372) with Brian J. Reich titled: "Exploring tooth survival using Bayesian spatial models", was selected by the NIH/NIDCR as an exemplary
                           proposal for productivity, student involvement, and products available through professional website 

Apr 2018:          Elected Fellow of the American Statistical Association; VCU coverage here
                           Citation: "For innovative applications to high impact problems in oral epidemiology and public health; for excellent research contributions to survival analysis, correlated
                           data, spatial epidemiology and robust regression; for extensive
biomedical collaborations; and for exemplary service to the profession"

Mar 2018:         
Collaboration (on fatty acids and breast cancer) with Dr. Frank Fang highlighted by VCU's Massey Cancer Center

Oct 2017:           Received competitive supplement funding on R01 to study gender differences in precision dentistry

Jun 2017:  
        Some coverage of my research by VCU's Massey Cancer Center

Jan 2016
:           Started my position as an Associate Editor [3-year term] for JASA-A&CS

Dec 2015:           Young Statistical Scientist Award [Applied Category] from IISA
                            Coverage in UGA Statistics Newsletter here

Sep 2015:           Newly funded NIH/NIDCR R01 on precision dentistry kick-off, in collaborations with Brian J. Reich and Eric Laber from the North Carolina State University and clinicans
                           from the Health Partners Institute.

Aug 2015:          2014 Best Associate Editor for The Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics [JABES].
                           Citation: "In recognition for promptness, careful reviews, outstanding dedication, initiative, and tireless commitment to the journal". UMN coverage here

Aug 2011:          Recipient of the CDC/ATSDR Statistical Science Award for the Best Theoretical Paper
                           Award Paper: Datta S, Bandyopadhyay D, and Satten G. (2010). Inverse probability of censoring weighted U-statistics for right censored data with applications to testing of
                           hypothesis, Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, 37, 680-700

Jul  2011:          CDC/ORISE Fellow on Oral Health Research

Student/Co-advisee News

Jan 2022:            PhD advisee Mr. Reuben P. Retnam wins one of the VCU Graduate School Dissertation Completion award

Sep 2021:            
PhD co-advisee Mr. Douglas Azevedo's dissertation work won the Best Dissertation award, in conjunction with the 2021 SINAPE conference of the Brazilian
                            Statistical Association

Mar 2020:
          PhD advisee Mr. Jonathan Yu selected for 2020 summer internship at FDA

May 2019:           PhD advisee Mr. Reuben P. Retnam wins the VCU C.C.Clayton award for outstanding performance in graduate studies in the Basic Health Sciences (Biostatistics)

Apr 2019:            PhD co-advisee Mr. Zhou Lan wins one of the 6 Student Travel Award to attend and present at the 2019 International Chinese Student Association (ICSA)
                             Conference, scheduled at Raleigh, North Carolina, June 9-12. 

Jan 2019:  
          PhD co-advisee Mr. Zhou Lan wins the Student Paper Award Competition of the ASA's Section on Mental Health, and the Section on Statistics in Imaging, following a
                             careful and deliberate review process. He accepted the award from the Section on Mental Health, and will present his work at the 2019 JSM [Joint Statistical Meetings],
                             Denver, Colorado.

Dec 2017:            
PhD co-advisee Ms. Apurva Bhingare wins one of the 2018 ENAR Distinguished Student Paper awards

Aug 2017
:            Ph.D co-advisee Mr. Zhou Lan wins 2nd place in the 2017 ASA Statistical Significance Poster Contest. Zhou's poster was titled "Spatial Wishart Process and its
                            Applications to Diffusion Tensor Imaging", and was presented at the 2017 Joint Statistical Meethings, Baltimore, MD.

Jan 2017:             Ph.D co-advisee Ms. Qian Guan wins one of the ASA's Health Policy Statistics Section [HPSS] Student Travel Awards for our joint work on precision dentistry!
                             She will attend and present the work at the 2017 JSM, Baltimore, MD.

Jan 2017:             PhD co-advisee Ms. Apurva Bhingare wins one of the ASA's Section on Bayesian Statistical Sciences [SBSS] Student Travel Awards to attend and present at the
                             2017 JSM [Joint Statistical Meetings], Baltimore, MD.

Nov  2016:           Ph.D co-advisee Ms. Qian Guan wins one of the 2017 ENAR Distinguished Student Paper awards for our joint work on precision dentistry. She will present her work
                             at the 2017 ENAR Spring Meetings, Washington DC

May 2016:           VCU Biostatistics Summer Student Training Program Ms. Victoria Garcia declared Runner-up at the 2016 Joint Spring Meetings of the Virginia Academy of Sciences
                             & the VA Chapter of the American Statistical Association
Dec 2015:            Colombia former Fellow and PhD co-mentee Diana Milena Galvis Soto [current a faculty at the University of Quindio, Colombia]  received  honorable mention in
                             the CAPES Thesis Award among all areas in Mathematical Sciences from the Brazilian Ministry of Education for her doctoral thesis on Bayesian inference for
                             proportion data. The CAPES award is the highest national level recognition of PhD work conducted on the Brazilian soil.