William Conn

Professional voice user and IT analyst

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Do you need a well-qualified professional to serve beer to your customers? I can help. I've been delivering great customer service, tasting and pouring beer for a number of years. If you want your brewery to be a world-class destination, you need more than just good beer; you need a great in-house experience. Click the contact button at the top of your screen for more information.

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Untappd is a new way to socially share and explore the world of beer with friends and the world. Curious what I'm drinking or where I'm drinking it? Just check my profile where you can toast and comment on my beers!

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Great beer service starts with fundamentals: beer clean glassware, a proper pour, and beer that hasn’t been ruined by improper handling. And in today’s beer world, every dialog between server and guest begins with talk of beer styles and flavors. The Cicerone Certified Beer Server exam assesses these skills to recognize those individuals who are prepared to serve today’s wide range of beers.