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Nicola Tarasca



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Harris Hall Room 4173

About me

Since 2019 I am an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Virginia Commonwealth University, USA.

I am member of the Geometry group at Virginia Commonwealth University.

My research interests are centered around the geometry of algebraic curves and their moduli spaces. In my work I explore the enumerative geometry of general pointed curves, cycles on moduli spaces of curves, and modern Schubert calculus. Recently, I have been working on the interplay of quantum algebra and the geometry of algebraic curves.

I obtained my PhD at the Humboldt University in Berlin and the Berlin Mathematical School, Germany, in 2012. Before arriving at Virginia Commonwealth University, I was at Rutgers University, USA; the University of Georgia, USA; the Fields Institute, Canada; the University of Utah, USA; and the Leibniz University in Hannover, Germany.


I coorganize the following seminar series (all talks are now delivered online):

The Geometry Seminar at Virginia Commonwealth University.


I coorganize the following events:

The Richmond Geometry Festival — first edition in June 2021! We are now making plans for the second edition.

The AMS special session Vertex Algebras and Geometry at the AMS Spring Southeastern Sectional Meeting, University of Virginia, Mar. 11-12, 2022.


Here is the video of my lecture on Geometric loci in moduli spaces of curves at UNAM in Mexico City, Sep. 2018.

Recent talks

Apr 22, 2021: Moonshine Seminar at IAS, Princeton, NJ – USA.

Nov 25, 2020: Humboldt Algebraic Geometry Seminar, Humboldt University in Berlin – Germany.

Nov 13, 2020: Algebra Seminar, Virginia Tech – USA.

Oct 28, 2020: Algebra and Number Theory Seminar, University of Maryland – USA.

Oct 23, 2020: Algebraic Geometry and Moduli virtual seminar at ETH Zürich – Switzerland.

Mar 5-7, 2020: Moduli on Chestnut Hill at Boston College – USA.

Dec 18, 2019: Algebraic Geometry and Moduli seminar at ETH Zürich – Switzerland.

Oct 4, 2019: ALPS seminar at Virginia Commonwealth University – USA.

Mar 7, 2019: FRAGMENT seminar at Colorado State University – USA.

Feb 25, 2019: Algebraic Geometry seminar at IAS/Princeton University – USA.

Feb 22, 2019: Lie Group/Quantum Mathematics seminar at Rutgers University – USA.