Hacking Queer Identity


  • Learners will identify outside and inside influences on their personal identity and assess how social regulations and expectation affect the images of queer identity.
  • Learners will create an alter ego avatar that represents an alternative version of themselves.
  • Introduction/Rules- Read Rules. Go around the circle and say name age and pronoun preference.

    Candy ice breaker- Pull a sucker out of the bag. The color/flavor will determine your icebreaker questions. For Example: Red- your OTP (favorite internet fandom romantic pair), Blue- Dream Job, Yellow- favorite place on earth, Green- If you could hug anyone real or fictional who would it be?, Orange- Favorite Hobby

    Breaking Activity- Ice-Berg Activity In a large group discussion, learners will be asked to make a list of aspects of their identity Are they activities? Preferences? How you look? How you act? Your experiences? Learners will be given a drawing of an iceberg. On the top part write/draw aspects of their identity that are visible. As you get under the water line list/draw what is not visible about your identity, what others might not know or you might not share with everyone. After 10mins or so gather together to

    Breaking Discussion- What are the rules & expectations regarding identity? Rules & expectations regarding queer identity? Is it something innate? Something we do? Something we preform? Does it have a look? A feel? A sound?

    Making Activity- Introduce concept of an avatar- a representation of an individual online. What is the purpose of an avatar? What can be a benefit of creating an avatar online? Learners will be asked to make an ALTER EGO avatar that breaks the rules & expectations of identity by represents the inner identity outwardly (flip the iceberg!). Leaners can use any media they wish and will be given a variety of media to work with (drawing, mixed media, model magic). Learners will also be introduced to Pixlr, a free online photo editing software, to either create their avatars or edit their photos of their handmade avatar after the fact. Once finished Learners should take a photo and upload it into Pixlr (Pixlr.com). Avatars should be maximum 64px by 64px with a transparent background (saved as .PNG)

    Closure- What was our idea that we hacked today? How do we understand our identities in terms of rules? Who creates those rules? Are they changeable? What does it mean to have a LGBTQ identity? Learners will be given a sheet of paper with two videos for them to watch including:

    Extra Creditz- Sexual Diversity in games

    The Game Theorist- Are Video Games Anti-LGBT?

    Materials- Teacher supplies: Laptop, Projector, Wi-fi, Student supplies: Laptops, Game Maker Lite (installed on each laptop), Mixed Media Materials for character making (Paper, clay, Magazines)

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