Here are some favorite books, or books that influenced me:


The Trial (Kafka)
The Grapes of Wrath (Steinbeck)
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich (Solzhenitsyn)
The Golden Compass (Pullman)
A House for Mr Biswas (Naipaul)
23 Tales (Tolstoy)
Crime & Punishment (Dostoevsky)


The Book of Why (Pearl)
Shackleton's Boat Journey (Worsley)
The Years of Lyndon Johnson (Caro)
Free to Choose (Friedman)
Capitalism & Freedom (Friedman)
The Age of Reason (Paine)
The Ultimate Resource II (Julian Simon)
Beyond Good and Evil (Nietzsche)
Philosophical Investigations (Wittgenstein)


An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers (Hardy & Wright)
Matching theory (Lovasz)
Combinatorial Problems & Exercises (Lovasz)
The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (Abelson & Sussman)
Linear Programming (Chvatal)

Books that are at the top of my "to read" pile

On Growth and Form (Thompson)
Feynman's Lectures on Physics
The Nature of the Chemical Bond (Pauling)
The Science of Mechanics (Mach)